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MGT 435 Week 1 Quiz (Ash)

MGT 435 Week 1 Quiz (Ash)

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Week 1


1.         Question :        Which of the following is not the case with regard to climate change issues and company competiveness?

 2.        Question :        Compared to reactive change, proactive changes initiated by organization leaders . . .

 3.        Question :        Which of the following is a key factor in allowing a small business to remain competitive?

 4.        Question :        Which of the following frameworks of effective organizational change focuses on the ethical behavior of organizational members and groups?

 5.        Question :        Which of the following techniques might organizational development specialists utilize in their work?

 6.        Question :        True or false?  The field of change management studies is relatively new and such courses were not offered in most universities only three decades ago.

 7.        Question :        Which of the following types of change consists of an implementation to achieve a known desired state that differs from an existent one?

 8.        Question :        Which of the following is a Type 1 error that managers sometimes make in response to their perceptions of external e change?

 9.        Question :        Which of the following is an example of proactive change?

 10.      Question :        Which of the following most accurately characterizes the general goal of planned organizational change?

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